Biospheric Design


Biospheric Design Division (BD) has led the development of ecological perspectives in architecture and engineering on acclaimed projects in seven countries and on four continents. Biospheric Design projects incorporate the latest advances in energy-efficient and recycling technologies to achieve a harmony between the architecture and the surrounding environment.

Biospheric Design unifies the approaches of Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff, and Buckminster Fuller: “Form follows function” to which Biospheric Design adds, and “function follows form.” With this paradigm, Biospheric Design recognizes the vital importance of material selection, and the practical application of synergy – doing more with less.

Biospheric Design’s most famous design and implementation project is Biosphere 2, a magnificent laboratory for the study of global ecology, currently owned and operated by the University of Arizona. BD is currently engaged in the design and engineering of the Laboratory Biosphere and Earth to Mars Projects in the areas of:

• Modular closed systems
• Redundant and dual technological systems
• Structural design
• Sealing
• Material selection
• Airlocks and interlocking mechanism
• Heat transfer
• Life support requirements
• Lighting, heating and cooling requirements
• Air handling systems
• Power sources and distribution

Further info on Biosphere 2 and Laboratory Biosphere Projects
Earlier Biospheric Design projects 1974 – 1984 (link here)

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