Synergetic Press

Synergetic Press has collaborated with GEC since 1999 to¬† publish key books in biosphere science, ethnobotany and cultures, including our Chairman’s award winning memoir, Me and the Biospheres.

Synergetic Press, is an independent company run since 1984 by one of GEC’s directors, Deborah Parrish Snyder. The press goes beyond traditional publishing by organizing interdisciplinary forums and other events to help bring the wealth of experiences and knowledge of its authors, which includes two of our directors, to a broader community and foster a dialogue on the pressing issues of our age.

John Allen and Mark Nelson speak from time to time at these events on the emerging science of biospherics, the implications of Biosphere 2 for health, environment, science, and culture. Their message is clear — we need to understand how our biosphere works and find ways for humanity to create a future where there is a harmony between ecology and the technosphere.

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